The public relations industry is terrible at explaining what public relations does. Very few people understand what public relations professionals do. If you’re a cop, a construction worker, everyone knows your job. We don’t work with agencies to produce stories, we don’t buy ads, we don’t produce cute radio jingles,Continue Reading

The action of donating to someone in the society without asking for something back (most of the times money) is volunteerism ( Volunteerism entail ethics, love for other people, true and real feelings. There are many things that volunteers learn, and these things cannot be measured by money. They learnContinue Reading

This article focuses on examining the weaknesses in business environment and trying to fulfil the voids in the organization in order to enhance its productivity. Effective teams are pivotal to the orchestration of all the companies and help leveraging, enhancing the productivity and reputation of the organization. In this consultingContinue Reading

The method that it was utilized was interviews which we think it is the appropriate research method for our pilot study. Both respondents were asked questions regarding blogging and journalism and if these two fields shared things in common.  The first interviewee was a journalist who has studied journalism inContinue Reading

How storytelling becomes even more important: what techniques storytellers use, what multimedia practices help shape a story, how stories expand from advertising to the entire organization.Continue Reading I know that you like to see the fashion bloggers’ photo shootings wearing high end pieces and luxury items. Watching a reality which is not as it seems to be , maybe gives you the wrong reasons to become a blogger. Many bloggers want to be famous or lovedContinue Reading