Emilie Higle: H fashion blogger πίσω απο το My Little Fashion Diary

a,Tell us some things about you.
My name is Emilie, I am French and started My Little Fashion Diary 5 years ago to share my passion for fashion and photography. I hope it is a source of inspiration and style for people.
b. How did you decide to make a blog?
I was reading lots of blogs and just decided one day to do the same. I thought, well why not? And since then it has been quite an amazing adventure!
c. What is fashion?
Fashion is about expressing you and your style through what you wear.
d. Describe us your sense of style.
I like to interpret the trends my way to incorporate some trendy pieces to my own style. It is very important as a blogger to have your own style. I think we could describe my style as chic yet edgy.
e. What was the highlight of your career in blogging?

I couldn’t think about one particular detail but mostly the big highlight of my career is to get to travel the world.
f. Do you think that fashion bloggers have power?
Yes they do, they influence people everyday by sharing to their readers on their blogs and social medias.
g. Describe us your daily routine.
Everyday is different and that is what makes this job so interesting. We travel a lot, attend many events, meet so many people, not one day is the same as the other.
h. What is like to be a fashion blogger?
It’s a lot of work but I must say it’s a fantastic adventure. I love creating content for brands, sharing my passion with people with the same interests all over the world. I hope to inspire and get inspired. Blogging opens so many doors and brings you to experiment so many different adventures life is like a roller coaster!
i. What is your advice for those who want to start blogging?
You have to be passionate. Cause blogging isn’t just about posting. You need to have a good strategy, you need to really understand the market to come up with a good marketing plan, collaborating with brands and creating visual content for them is challenging.
j. How do you imagine yourself in 5 years from now?
I have no idea. I never expected my blog to become my job so I don’t know where I will be in 5 years and I love it!
k. What style advice would you give to Spoiled magazine readers?
Don’t copy anyone. You are you and there is no one like you. Get inspired by other to know yourself better and understand who you are.

source: spoiledmagazine.gr

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