Why do you want to be a blogger?


I know that you like to see the fashion bloggers’ photo shootings wearing high end pieces and luxury items. Watching a reality which is not as it seems to be , maybe gives you the wrong reasons to become a blogger. Many bloggers want to be famous or loved by many people. This is the wrong reasons.

You want to make a blog, to be a blogger, a fashion blogger, a travel blogger, a food blogger , lifestyle blogger and so on. As you can see there are a plethora of bloggers. Being a blogger is not as simple as it seems to.We will discuss it further to our other articles.

Let’s get things straight . You have to make a question to yourself before deciding to start a blog. Why do I want to be a blogger? Believe me , it is really important to really know the reason.


10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging

1. Attract an Audience

2. Establish Authority

3. Build Rapport and Engagement

4. Create Opportunities

6. Tell Your Story

7. Meet New People

8. Stand Out

9. Validate Expertise

10. Make Money

15 Thoughts on How Blogging Impacts Life

1. You’ll become a better writer. 

2. You’ll become a better thinker. 

3. You’ll live a more intentional life.

4. You’ll develop an eye for meaningful things. 

5. It’ll lead to healthier life habits. 

6. You’ll meet new people. 

7. You’ll make some money. 

8. You’ll inspire others. 

9. You’ll become more well-rounded in your mindset. 

10. It’s free.

11. You’ll become more comfortable being known. 

12. It’ll serve as a personal journal. 

13. You’ll become more confident. 

14. You’ll find a platform to recommend. 

15. It’s quite a rush with every positive comment. 


Blogging as you can see helps you to meet new people , advances your resume , make you become more credible and many many more things. Did you see or find yourself in those reasons above?

If so , you are ready to be a blogger!

Now you have to learn how …. Stay tuned for the  next article!

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